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only arashi files. really.

One stop for Arashi media
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Select Members , Moderated
Requests and uploads of Arashi files

This community has been closed as of July 3rd, 2011.
New members are still welcomed to join, but new posts will no longer be allowed.


★ Only Arashi files are allowed in this community; by files, we refer to music and video only, so no graphics or scans please!

★ All posts are friends-locked by default, and you must join the community to view them.

★ Anything unrelated or posts that are purposely left unlocked will be given a warning for removal, and failure to heed warnings will lead to deletion of the posts in question.

★ Re-posting of files is not allowed under any circumstances if the source provider explicitly states not to re-post them elsewhere. Click here for information on how you can tell, especially for providers in other foreign languages.

★ Requests are no longer allowed in the community until further notice.

★ Speaking of tags, it is highly encouraged that everyone use them when posting. It's not hard at all to add them yourself, so please use them for ease and convenience to everyone.

★ Image previews must be no wider than 400px in width and must not exceed beyond three.

★ When sharing files, be sure to state the file hosting service you uploaded to in either your subject heading (eg. SS for Sendspace, MU for Megaupload, MF for Mediafire, etc.) or in the post itself. Under no circumstances are you to use LinkBucks or any other money earning services.

★ Last but definitely not least, don't forget to leave a comment of thanks if you download-- it's the least we can do for those who so generously upload for the community!

As the community name suggests, this is your one stop for Arashi media. Once you've read the rules and joined, check out the tags in the sidebar of the community for an idea of what is posted here, and upload (or request) away!

If you have any questions or concerns at all, don't be afraid to contact any of the currently active mods listed below:

Email: lullabyeforyou@livejournal.com
Email: acidae@livejournal.com

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