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[MOD] Concerning requests.

Mod posts in this community are few and far between, but that doesn't mean there isn't a need for it.

What I'm addressing today is the recent influx of requests posted to onlyarashifiles-- while requests are allowed here, there has been an increase of requests from the same few people within very short spans of time. I would like to remind everyone to please not go overboard, try looking around first and refrain from asking so thoughtlessly just because it's less work and more convenient than searching for it yourself. Not only is Google a wonderful tool for searching, there are also many helpful communities and posts compiled by various fans across LJ; this link alone will lead you to many of them. Please do not use this community as your personal instant-answer source.

If this continues, I will consider revising the rules and set up a masterpost system in this community as well.
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