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Aiba and Ohno's English Lesson Clip & GnoA request

I really hate requesting, so even though I'm sure most of you have seen it, here's a short clip of poor Aiba and Ohno's English Lesson with a nice lady on a boat:

Aiba and Ohno's English Lesson XD Enjoy! 

As for the request, I saw eps 6 and 8 posted by chesutohere, a while backbut the MU links aren't even loading for me :( 


Does anyone know where I could find active links for  G no Arashi 2005.11.23 - Ep.008 - UFO summoners part 2?
The ones I've found are expired T__T.

I have the rest of GnoA, Mago eps 32-47, and Utawara eps for 2006. I'll gladly upload any of those in return! Thanks so much :)

-Edit 10.10.06-

Thanks sooooo much to everyone who's been so kind and willing to help me, especially candy_future and merkuryo .
Also, after  a lot of searching, I finally completed my G no Arashi list!  ^_____^ My Mago list is getting there too :D

What does this mean for you? Well, my offer still stands. Anyone missing any GnoA eps, please feel free to ask. I'll upload them for you :D
I believe someone requested for Ep.008 as well, so I'll upload that one ^^. on a Separate post so every one can see it. Thanks again!!!
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